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custom jewellry orangeville on

Beads Are A Bigger Thing Than You Ever Knew

Beads are a big thing. There are collectors who like to have beads around. They don’t need to do anything with them, although it helps when they do. Trying to explain is like trying to explain to someone who doesn’t collect stickers why you collect stickers.

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Beads are things that they love. Having them available and being able to touch them is all they require. But don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a recent phenomenon. Beads have been around since the dawn of time and for as long as they have, people have collected them

What constitutes a bead

The basic requirement of a bead is that it can be threaded on to a string, and often worn as custom jewellry orangeville on. They can be made of almost anything, so long as it will stand up to the drilling of the central hole.

Beads can be made of glass, they might be seeds or stones, wood is also an obvious material and in modern times there are plastic ones too. Anything which is capable of coming out of the drilling process intact could become a bead. A pearl is a bead, although we would never put that into the same category as a plastic bead.

Why beads

The very shape of beads has a comforting feel. They have been used by many cultures over the years for different reasons. Worry beads offset tension and they were used for prayer and devotion. Aggrey beads were used as a currency.

The main original use was as a means of trading. Beads of 72,000 years old have been found, they were used before gold, silver or bronze as a means of trading.

Then again, people just love them, because they are gorgeous.

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