Tub Offers Therapeutic, Rejuvenative & Recuperative Possibilities

The old and the fragile, alone and vulnerable, are always at risk the longer they live. While it could be regarded as being commendable that there are people able to continue living from one year into the next at an advanced age, their physical and emotional conditioning is placed under stress and becomes riskier, from one year into the next. And just to reiterate, it can become quite precarious for senior citizens who live alone, whether as couples or singly.

Fortunately for those faced with such predicaments, all is not lost in their world. In the event that an elderly couple or single man or woman, always vulnerable when alone, and without the immediate advantage of emergency medical care and treatment, when needed, a number of physical and practical solutions can be utilized. One such physical manifestation is the step in tub for the bathroom.

step in tub

Staying in the bathroom, or the bathtub, depending on how you are feeling right now, specially designed bathtubs also have seats built in to them. This allows an elderly man or woman to station him or herself comfortably, as if sitting comfortably in a living room chair, within the bathroom tub in order to proceed with the necessary ritual of bathing. And when the washing is over and done with, the old man or woman must still climb out of the tub.

The bath water can be drained out and the elderly person can proceed to dry him or herself comfortably enough. Specially prepared railings are installed to the bathtub to allow man or woman to lift him or herself up comfortably with any risk of injury due to accidental slipping. Speaking of which, a slip free mat should always be placed inside of the tub.